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To Ride or Drive is the Question? Many Ranchers feel strongly that raising and working cattle demands a horse. Other Ranchers don’t even think twice about NOT owning a horse. Here at 3D Valley we have found a place for both models of “Horse” power. Farm tasks such as moving portable fences, carrying tools to

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Meet Jane

  I cringed when I heard the screen door open at full force, slamming the door frame up against the siding of the house. That sound would have made my Mother lose her mind! It was evident that the door would not outlast the abuse from my four children, and obvious to me that the

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Meet Steve Carr…

It was February and I found myself sitting in a hospital at Kosair.  Meryl and Kate were just nine months old and RSV had struck.  Corey was home taking care of the boys, and I had befriended a nurse, whom I would come to love.  Our casual conversations entailed “farm life,” and Sandy informed me

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