3D Valley Farm is located in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. 

We raise Angus beef cattle naturally on open pastures, without added hormones, or the use of antibiotics.

3d valley farms certified livestock producer indiana

Our cattle are bred for high quality beef. 

We practice rotational grazing, whereby the animals are frequently moved to the lusher pastures to ensure they have fresh mature grass to graze on. 

These practices along with managing the animals humanely helps ensure healthy cattle and the best quality beef possible.

We practice a holistic approach to farm management utilizing active pasture rotation and ongoing efforts to improve soil fertility.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife  stewardship ensures respect for the delicate balance of the land and  those of us who inhabit it.

Our farming  practices reflect our respect for the land and the traditions that we  hold true.

3d Valley Farms at farmers market
3D Valley Farms Family

We know that many of you share our values and appreciate the care we put into raising our beef, and for this we thank you.

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Free Range Heritage Eggs

$4.00 per dozen

Our free range heritage eggs are very rich in nutrients and are in high demand, as we sell out each Saturday morning at the New Albany Farmer’s Market.

Not Available for Shipping at this time



Flank Steak

$12.50 Per Pound

Great for fajitas


Ground Beef


$6.50 per Pound / Approximate weight per package is 1 lb

New York Strip Steak

$17.00 Per Pound

Two per package, lean, flavorful.

Beef Tenderloin – Filet

$25.00 Per Pound

Two filets per package, premium cut, most tender

Porterhouse Steak

$19.00 Per Pound

Bone in delight