To Ride or Drive is the Question?

Many Ranchers feel strongly that raising and working cattle demands a horse. Other Ranchers don’t even think twice about NOT owning a horse. Here at 3D Valley we have found a place for both models of “Horse” power.

Farm tasks such as moving portable fences, carrying tools to make repairs, checking water troughs, and sifting through the cattle each evening to keep the overall health of the herd in check, commands that of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). A job that a cattleman could tackle in 30 minutes on an ATV may take up to half a day on horseback. On the other hand, there are areas here on the Farm, that only a horse could tackle and gain access. And any slight “flightiness” in the disposition of cattle, we see to it that those cattle are worked on the back of a horse with some “cow” sense. No one wants to encounter a Frustrated Cowboy who only wished he’d taken the time to saddle up!

The increase in ATVs and the significant role they play in assisting today’s Rancher or Farmer has actually improved the disposition of cattle herds across the country. At 3D Valley our Cattle are very much acclimated to both types of “Horse” power. Our Number one goal here is to keep the cattle calm and their level of stress down. We understand the signs of an agitated herd, and by recognizing these signs we communicate with each other when to move the herd and when to slowly retreat utilizing the different models of “Horse” power.

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