Meet Jane


I cringed when I heard the screen door open at full force, slamming the door frame up against the siding of the house. That sound would have made my Mother lose her mind! It was evident that the door would not outlast the abuse from my four children, and obvious to me that the boys were home from Baseball.

The thumping of cleats across the wood floor was different from the pitter patter of toddler toes, Hudson and Henry are now 6 and 7 years old. My boys were home and Hudson, hollering at the top of his lungs, announced that he got two big hits in the game. Henry was right behind him shouting, “I got one hit, Mom!” Both boys finally located me in the bathroom. I was giving the girls their baths for the evening, and the exchange run-down of the game continued, but at a few lower decibels, thankfully. “Mom”, Hudson uttered, “I said a little prayer for Henry when he got up to bat, because I wanted my brother to get a hit too.” Henry promptly declared that he had no additional help from his brother, God, or anyone. He did not need anyone praying for him, and he clearly had absolutely no help in getting that hit. “I did it all by myself,” he exclaimed!

This little episode made me laugh and think of my Mom. There was always a saying she made me repeat before I took off to accomplish anything, and the phrase was, “if it’s going to be it’s up to me… and God.” I never understood why she always threw “and God” in there, I mean at 8 years old, I was well aware that those last two words didn’t rhyme with the rest of the saying. But she drug it out of me, regardless. So Today I would like to share Jane’s story, it starts out with a whole lot of Faith, Family, and Softball.

Do you remember the days when every church, big or small, had a softball team, and it was competitive! I have faint memories of watching my Uncle play. Nowadays, St. Bernard’s in Frenchtown, their softball field has long been gone, but Memories of a big win, tough loss, and a few softball scuffles still remain. To say my Mom was a key player on the softball team would probably be a bit of an overstatement. However, Jane continues to remain a key player in our small but Wonderful parish. Throughout childhood and still today, my Mom demonstrates a faith that is only comparable to that of my Grandmother.

So many of you have inquired and wondered how my parents first met. Around the same time, Steve was trying to meet people and find a fit into this new community, he called home. Before they even knew each other they found themselves on opposing teams. It was just a typical “Monday Night” church softball game. And with my Dad up to bat and Jane at the pitcher’s mound. God clearly needed this couple to meet, but he was running short of ideas. Meticulously, the pitcher coasted the ball toward home plate. A faultless pitch proved for a line drive straight to the nose! And with a crooked bridge, nose bleed, and possible concussion, Jane was unknowingly looking up at this cowboy posed athlete, and the man she would someday marry. Fast forward from a broken nose, a bouquet of flowers, and my parents were married on October 20, 1979.

Now my Mom was a country girl… and by that I mean my Grandparents always tilled up and planted a big garden. They canned their vegetables, and my Aunts will always talk about the time when they had laying hens, and share horror stories of being chased by the roosters. But there’s a fine line between “country” and “farm”… and for the most part, my Mom embraced every bit of the Farm culture! With the exception of dirty boots, dusty jeans, and the occasional debilitated farm animal that was unknowingly relocated to the basement, for some extra care. So Today, Meet Jane Carr, “country gal” turned “farmer’s wife.”

You either know Jane from her delicious 3D burgers that she has served up at the Farmers Market, from our Farm Community, or perhaps she may have been your mail carrier if you ever held residence at Route #1 Depauw. Jane was employed by the United States Postal Service until she retired. And the day she retired, was a big day for the Farm, she finally had the opportunity to dedicate her time to a Brand that she helped create way back in 1985. Stating that she “stepped up to the plate” during a critical time would be selling her short. She has been the powerhouse behind everything you see at the Market. Jane’s strengths lie in being an incredible observer and a wonderful listener, she hears what our customers are telling her!! Jane takes these thoughts and brainstorms impossible ideas, providing you, our consumer, with a product that is close to perfection. Jane is our lifeline between our meat processor and the Farm, and an invaluable member to our team. She values the partnership and friendship with our customers and their families. She works to provide exceptional customer service striving to achieve the high expectations of our customers. As a family and “team,” Jane is always rallying behind a great idea, and continually working on a way to make improvements, here at 3D Valley Farm. From our holistic grazing methods to our products, I can always hear her voice in the background, “It’s good,” she’ll say, “but, how can we make it better?” That’s my Mom, and the Jane you know.

Here at 3D Valley we value and appreciate the loyalty that each one of you demonstrate. Thank you for having faith in us, and being a significant part of our forage based mission!