3D Valley, a Multi-Generational Farm

Hey Folks!
As most of you know 3D Valley Farm is a Family Affair! We’re raising the 3rd generation here on the farm and it continues to be a “Work in Progress.” In a World where technology has become a “filler” form of entertainment, in-between busing children from one event to the next; Life on the Farm provides a lot of fresh air and an ample amount of Space. Especially when it comes to raising the next Generation. Looking back, the barn always had a ladder which lead to a loft, where you would find a few gunny sacks, and some broken bales; And as kids, we Absolutely made the most of it!! All kids need to know the feeling of being “bored,” and that these times require creativity and help aid in the full operation of that Left Brain!! These 3D Valley kids pictured above bring so much joy and excitement to the Farm! It is extremely fulfilling watching their creative minds at work. With all these helping hands on the farm it is Gratifying to observe the ongoing development of responsibility, gaining appreciation for hard work, and developing a thirst to persevere. The farm will continue to provide them with life lessons, which in turn will shape these kids into better people. It’s amazing how quick these 3D Valley kids have picked up and understand what we’re doing here on the farm, whether it’s driving a tractor, moving fences, saddling the horses, or how we feed our livestock. Each one of these kids does not hesitate to pick up a grain scoop or some hay because they know the animals have to eat just like we do! The 3rd Generation here at 3D Valley ranges from 1 year of age to Almost 8 (Janie Mae has a September Birthday)! We will also be adding one more to our flock, this Fall. Morgan and Josh are expecting a healthy baby boy in November! See you Soon! -Jo

Pictured Above: (Front Row from Left) Blaine(3), Joseph(3), Caroline(1), Brooks(not pictured-6)
(Back Row from Left) Meryl(3), Kate(3), Janie(7), Hudson(7), and Henry(6)