You Asked? We Answered!

You know that question you get asked 5,000 times a day when you have young children, “why?” Last week, we had a loyal customer pose the same question to us, “Why do you do, what you do?” they asked. And regardless of if it is my two year old child, a neighboring farmer, or a market customer, I have always felt everyone deserves an answer. Has anyone ever asked you why you chose a certain career path, or what’s your passion in life? I want to start off by saying here at 3D Valley Farm we are Absolutely Passionate about what we do! It’s so much more than just about our livestock! We’re passionate about our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 3D Valley Farm is a grass based farm, providing the best selection of grass-fed and grass-finished beef, all natural pork, maple syrup, and our heritage “free range” eggs. We pride ourselves in the quality of care our animals receive, and that reflects in the condition of our animals, as well as the reputation we have worked so hard to establish. We strive for perfection by continued improvement of the land, soil, and biodiversity.

Our daily farm management dialogue has always been aimed toward the regeneration of our soils and pastures, always asking ourselves, “how can we make them better?” At 3D Valley we are succeeding in doing this by utilizing holistic grazing management principles. Every pasture is filled with a variety of high quality forages. And because of our rigid rotational grazing methods, our livestock have more access to a broad range of nutrients that they need to remain “naturally healthy.” The frequent rotations from one paddock to the next gives the soil and land time to regenerate. This much needed rest allows for an increase in microbial organisms beneath the ground, Resulting in an increase in biodiversity above the ground, Resulting in some nutrient-dense, high quality, “natural” protein for our animals (I hope I am able to convey the amount of enthusiasm in that last run-on sentence by the following punctuation)!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! We like to refer to this as Nature’s Salad Bar!

So there it is, Folks! We absolutely love what we are doing and will continue to improve God’s Great Earth, because in the long run taking care of the soil and what’s beneath our feet is going to allow us to provide you, our consumer, with a superior product that, no doubt tastes delicious! -Jo