You Bacon-ing Me Happy Filet Dinner

We’ve made it easy to impress your sweetheart with a filling, flavorful meal for two! Our Valentine’s Day Meal features two 2 filet mignon, 1 lb natural cured bacon, 10 oz maple sugar, choice of a 4 oz bourbon maple syrup or 8 oz maple syrup.


  • (1) Pack 2 Filets
  • (1) 1lb naturally cured bacon
  • (1) 10 oz. maple sugar
  • (1) 4 oz bourbon maple syrup OR (1) 8 oz maple syrup
  • (1) bunch of asparagus
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 oz Balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar glaze (used in photos)
  • 2 oz Extra virgin olive oil or vegetable
  • 6 tbs butter


  1. Place Filet and Bacon in fridge to thaw for at least 12 hours
  2. After thaw:
  3. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  4. Mix 1 oz of maple syrup with 1 oz balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar glaze (glaze will be a touch thicker)
    • If you like a sweeter mix, add more syrup or less balsamic vinegar or tarter, ad more vinegar or less syrup
    • This is to drizzle on the bacon wrapped asparagus.
  5. wrap filet with one or two pieces of bacon
    • you can lock down with tooth pick
      • if you grill, soak toothpicks in water before locking down bacon in filet
  6. wrap ½ or 1/3 of asparagus with one-piece bacon
    • number of asparagus will depend on size of asparagus.
  7. Line baking sheet with parchment paper
    • Place remaining bacon that you would like to candy on parchment paper
    • For two people, 2 pieces each, unless you want to make more for later (recommended)
  8. Cover both sides of bacon with maple syrup and generously sprinkle with maple sugar
  9. In an oven safe skillet (I used cast iron, which I would recommend) place Oil and 4 tablespoons of butter
    • Med to medium high heat
    • You do not want to burn butter and oil mix
  10. Place candied bacon baking sheet in oven for 10-12 minutes (depending on how crispy you like your bacon)
  11. Place asparagus in skillet to brown bacon just a touch
  12. After a couple of minutes browning bacon, remove asparagus and place on clean plate
  13. Add filets to same skillet and cook for 4-5 minutes and/or until you have a nice sear
  14. Remove bacon from oven with mitts and place baking sheet on heat safe place
  15. Flip Filets and add asparagus back to skillet
    • Keep on stove for an additional 1-2 minutes
  16. Remove skillet from stove and place in oven
  17. Oven time will range depending on preference
    • Ours was 8 minutes for rare +
    • Best is always to use a meat temperature and with these filets, you will raise a few degrees while resting
  18. You also can rotate asparagus one time during filet cooking time, but do this quickly as you do not want to let the oven heat out.
  19. While Filets are in oven you will want to remove bacon from parchment paper and stand up in a jar or move to a drying rack.
    • The candied bacon will harden and will ultimately stiffen up as bacon will do, along with the sugar and maple will harden
    • Sprinkle maple sugar on bacon after removing from parchment paper
  20. Plate one filet and one wrapped serving of asparagus per plate
    • Drizzle balsamic maple syrup glaze over the asparagus. 
    • This has a lot of flavor, so just a drizzle will do.