Pork Chops

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Boneless Pork ChopsĀ  – $7.00 per pound – Approximate weight is 1.5 pounds per package. Two per package.

Bone-In Pork Chops -$6.50 per pound. Approximate weight 2.0 pounds per package. Two Per package.

T-Bone Pork Chops -$7.00 per pound. Single wrapped T-Bone Pork Chop – 1 1/2 inch thick.




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Additional Information :
Weight1.5 lbs
Choose Boneless or Bone-In or (T-Bone)

Pork Chops-Boneless, Pork Chops- Bone-In, Pork Chops-(T-Bone)

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    Our Pigs are truly pastured-they get fresh grass and roots every day during the growing season, and hay in the winter. We support regenerative food sources to create a food system that is better for the animals, better for the land and better for the community.