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Farm Store: Fridays and Saturdays, 10- 2pm.
New Albany Farmer’s Market: Saturdays, 10-Noon.
Doorstep Delivery’ on Thursdays.

Most of our meats are priced per pound (unless noted as a package). The weights listed are estimated average weights for each meat cut. Complete your order online and the final weights will be calculated once we gather your items from the farm. Thank you – 3D Valley Farm

  • Pastured Whole Chicken

    $4.50 Per Pound( Average weight 3.5-4 lb)

    Always outside on grass, with fresh air, sunshine, room to roam-Truly Pastured-Raised Chicken

  • Thigh and Leg

    $7.50 Per Package

    Pasture Raised Chicken Thigh and Leg. (Approximate weight 1 lb)

    One Thigh and One Leg

  • Breast

    $9.50 Per Package

    Pasture Raised Chicken Breast. ( 2 per package)

    Approximate weight 1 lb.