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Most of our meats are priced per pound (unless noted as a package). The weights listed are estimated average weights for each meat cut. Complete your order online and the final weights will be calculated once we gather your items from the farm. Thank you – 3D Valley Farm

  • Beef Bones

    $4.00 Per Pound

    Meaty, Marrow, Knuckle

    Increasingly popular among our customers. Marrow bones are treasured for high nutritional content. Delicious bone broth can be slow cooked or roasted bone marrow can be eaten directly as it is.

  • Beef Liver

    $4.50 Per Pound

    Beef Liver provides great beneficial health effects. Liver is high in vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and Folic Acid.

  • Beef Heart

    $5.50 Per Pound

    A Lean, flavorful cut of meat. Best when cooked quickly on the grill!

  • Oxtail

    $5.50 Per Pound

    Oxtail is best used for soups, stocks, and braises.

  • Beef Tongue

    $5.50 Per Pound

    It is very good smoked, stewed, braised or poached.