Farm Store: Fridays and Saturdays, 10- 2p.m.
New Albany Farmer’s Market: Saturdays, 10-Noon.
Doorstep Delivery’ on Thursdays.

Most of our meats are priced per pound (unless noted as a package). The weights listed are estimated average weights for each meat cut. Complete your order online and the final weights will be calculated once we gather your items from the farm. Thank you – 3D Valley Farm

  • Ground Beef


    $6.50 per Pound / Approximate weight per package is 1 lb

  • Ground Beef- 5 Lb Package ( Fresh or Frozen)

    $28.00 Per Package

    Grass-Fed Ground Beef 80/20.

    3D Valley operates using regenerative agriculture on sustainable farms with hundreds of acres of pasture to graze. We also never use antibiotics or growth hormones. We use natural rich grass just like Mother Nature intended it.


  • Ground Round

    $7.50 Per Package

    Grass-Fed Ground Round 90/10

  • Ground Sirloin Steak

    $12.00 Per Package

    This premium grind comes from the sirloin. A great lean and tender meat for tacos, meatloaf,  and your favorite family dish.

  • Ground Beef Patties


    America’s most popular hamburger. Grass-Fed Ground Beef patties 80/20.

  • Steak Patties

    $12.50 Per Pound

    Savor the delicious flavor of Sirloin Steak in every bite when you serve 3D Valley Farm burgers.

  • Beef Bologna

    $8.00 Per Pound

    Pack of sliced grass-fed bologna. Heat and serve or just thaw and serve!

  • Beef Franks

    $8.00 Per Pound

    3D Valley Beef Franks are perfect for a healthy, quick fix meal .